The motto of G.Orator is “Ordo ab Chao”


Orator pinA well-known and often used solution in literature and journalism is the use of the pseudonym of the writer. In the field of opinion journalism, we often come across fictional pseudonyms. Such is G. Orator. I have decided to sign my articles under this name from now on.

Of course, I owe you an explanation.

Who is the  ORATOR?

The orator, speaker, and expert in one person interprets the order, the written and unwritten rules, and tries to find an explanation for the possible reasons.

The orator is who delivers an oration because he or she is one distinguished for skill and power as a public speaker. An orator is someone who is skilled at making speeches, especially ones which affect people’s feelings and beliefs.

The original meaning is “one who pleads or argues for a cause”,

Derived from Anglo-French oratour, Latin orator (“speaker”), from orare (“speak before a court or assembly; plead”),
The modern meaning of the word, “public speaker”
The rationale and practice of persuasive public speaking. It is immediate in its audience relationships.

The content of the term Orator was explained by a friend of my recently deceased painter, a Mason I highly esteemed. The mystery of the letter G was introduced by an equally esteemed friend of mine, a writer and an artist. (I cannot write their names here because of Masonic decency.)

Well, so an explanation of the terms: An orator means both a speaker and an expert person who summarizes and gives a possible explanation that he or she thinks is true.
He interprets the things to be interpreted for his audience, I could put it this way: he tries to create order out of chaos by finding the right explanation, putting things in their place, and teaching his environment by giving an interpretation to the things of “order”. The orator interprets the order, the written and unwritten rules, the paragraphs described, fixed on the paper, and tries to find an explanation for the possible causes.

The term orator is also often interpreted as an advocate. The definition of an advocate is also true. The orator is an advocate of everything he considers to be a true matter as a person.

What He says is not unquestionable, He has the right to be wrong, but it is certain that what He represents, What He says, What He writes is absolutely true in His eyes.

It is the job of the orator to give an explanation, to interpret, to comment, or to annotate or comment on things that arise in his or her environment as a question, an obligation, a task, to be settled, or to be decided. It is also your job to comment on things that you think are not going well, not in the right direction. The orator’s contribution is aimed at revealing the reasons, the justification, he always intends to be positive, he is born with the intention of progress and improvement.


The meaning of the letter G.

I came to know the letter G as one of the symbols of the symbol system of Freemasonry. The meaning and interpretation of the letter G are known. There are those who see the initials of geometry in it, but there are also those who see the initials of the word God. There are those who mean the words genius, gnosis, genesis, but I have heard the term generation mentioned.

In the interpretation of the letters G, the interpretation of geometry is very sympathetic to me, and in my conception it is tied to the term orator, being that geometry is part of mathematics (dealing with spatial shapes), and since mathematics, including geometry, is one of the most exact, perhaps best-described science. Where there must be order! Science itself puts the order in the world. What the orator then explains.

Of course, I could justify the choice of the letter G, I could simply say, the initials of one of my names at birth, according to the English spelling.


G.ORATORWhat is G. Orator writing about?

I believe that journalism is one of the fundamental human rights, the most important means of exercising freedom of expression. Within this, I think that writing opinion articles, the genre of journalism reflects the essence of free opinion-forming.

Journalism is a genre of literature and journalism that presents and comments on the events, problems, and issues of political, social, and cultural life in both the print and electronic press.

I consider myself a publicist (too). As the word publicist means: journalist, newspaper writer, journalist. However, they are also apostrophized as correspondents and reporters.

One of my principles is that I love legitimate and perfect things. As a law-abiding citizen, I want to understand and maintain legal status, but I strive for perfection, so I often criticize even the existing order. After all, I don’t always consider their laws perfect. Sure, it would be nice if they were perfect, but as we know, they aren’t.

That is why I chose the pseudonym G. Orator. And that is what it is about, I will have an opinion. About the world around us, our environment, politics, culture, society, its parts, and the whole, contexts, and unique events.

I really hope I don’t get bored with the reader. Please read and follow Mr. Orator’s views on the world around us.