The Orator would like to give advice for new Fellowcrafts.

It has long been known for men when they reach the adults, they will celebrate it. It’s upsetting for adults. The young man is accepted by ceremonial procedures on one day of the year as an adult.

This rite around the world was the most diverse peoples and religions practiced and practiced today.
From our historical studies, we know that such an event refers to noble people. For example, for knight tournaments and later on the guilds. A guild is an association of artisans and merchants who oversee the practice of their craft/trade in a particular area. According to Knowledge, Freemasonry was primarily influenced by the guilds.

The Masonic Entered Apprentice must be able to conform to the question: where does it come from?
The answer to this: from the past with darkness.
The most important question is for the fellowcrafts: Who is he? To the question, everyone has to answer independently.
During the initiation, the Master speaks, among other things about reputation, about the power of responsibility, richness, and of course the task of the fellowcrafts. It is the duty of the fellowcraft to look out the window. His point of view changed from the Entered Apprentice.

The fellowcraft watches the things of the outside world with understanding eyes and processes the information obtained from it in his own inner temple, thus building himself and his soul.
As part of this, it is a task to travel, to study the habits of other freemasons, which is nothing more than visiting Masonic lodges at home and abroad, if he can.

It must be clear to all Entered Apprentice, Fellowcrafts, Masters, that the Masonic lodges can play an important role in society. And this is the connection between different personalities. After all, people in different professions, businessmen, teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, or anyone in any other profession, can work and communicate as equals in Masonic lodges.

My top advice for new Fellowcrafts: Get to know yourself and then you will know everything!

G. Orator