I turned 75 

Freemasonry is a sense of life, a philosophy, a way of thinking. This is evidenced by a poem about it.


I turned 75 


I am seventy-five years old, 

I am not an apprentice, not a fellowcraft, anymore.

I am a master, as everyone told.

Heaven knows I have done my chore.

The sun doesn’t rise for me, the moon is shining over my head

I ate most of my bread.


Seventy-five years old I am

This number is a cruel fact, not a flam.

My plan was: do right as a high life. 

Now beyond most of my life,

I would share a secret.

Maybe It was no secret, although:


In the beginning, marked the rough stone,

I wish to polish smooth,

to reach my old youth.

Square and compasses guided my hand, 

I wanted, a new perfect church to build,

which man has never created, which to forever stand.


Secretly, my spirit, my ghost shone high.

I wish to reach up to the sky.

In my life, I avoided the awards and recognition,

It is far from me, this ambition.

I don’t even feel lacking for it all,

At my age, even more than before.


Because the surrounding love compensates.

I opened all my gates, who with pleasure waits,

The true payment for me is love,

as the fraternally feeling high above.

Knowledge transfer is driven, to help,

I think you don’t owe me, man, you owe yourself.


My brothers, please decide if the stone is polished enough

There is nobody to state it is my bluff:

Was the consensus really between us?


New York 03.01.2022.